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Shop here at Charlotte Reid London for Troop London handbags. These wonderful canvas handbags come from respected urban designer Troop London, who specialise in casual handbags perfect for the everyday functions of life.See more.

Troop London has been delivering practical handbag styles to the world since 2004. Born out of the need by most Londoners for a user-friendly, comfortable and durable bag, Troop has excelled in designing and producing products which consistently meet these modern world demands.

Premium materials are exclusively used in the construction of Troop London products including the Troop handbags that you're able to find here at Charlotte Reid London. From the use of fine Italian leathers to natural cottons, Troop handbags enjoy all the benefits which come with the selection of great quality materials, which in turn help Troop London to achieve their objectives and goals. Objectives such as producing fashionable high quality bags which will inspire customer loyalty.

User-friendly, comfortable and durable are all terms which lend themselves nicely to travel luggage, and that's one reason why you find Troop London handbags stocked here at Charlotte Reid London. We love providing our customers with top of the range products which aren't just nice to look at, but crucially work in the real world too.

Amongst the Troop London handbags that you'll find here are a range of canvas handbags, suitable for almost all occasions. These bags feature aspects like super strong canvas construction and detailed leather trimmings, as well as details such as zips on pockets, something which you may take for granted but which are crucial for security when travelling.

Please feel free to browse the selection of Troop London handbags available here at Charlotte Reid London and we hope that you're able to find a handbag which suits your specific needs.

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